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Oil Cleanser/Make up remover with Avocado Oil, Lavender Essentials Oil and frankincense Oil is a perfect blend for all skin types. Frankincense Essentials Oil is popular because it helps to tighten the skin and for slow sign of aging. Avocado Oil is packed with vitamin E and helps to nourish and mosturize the skin.


The beauty with using this Oil Cleanser is you don't have to be in a rush to add face cream. Not only does this Oil Cleanser/Make up remover cleanse but it also mosturize long after you have used it.


No harsh Chemicals and made in small batches. Do your skin a favor and try some thing with benefits.

Oil Cleanser with Avocado Oil

SKU: 00001
C$35.99 Regular Price
C$32.39Sale Price
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