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Tamika Martells - Ownr of Prevailing Organic Essentials

     Hello and welcome to Prevailing Organic Essentials.  Tamika Martells started this Company out of the love of everything beautiful and natural. Each ingredient is 100% natural and high in quality. Each product is hand crafted in small batches for our Customers to enjoy. No harsh chemical or ingredients will be found in our products.


     Prevailing Organic Essentials has had the privileged of giving back to the community and will continue to work to help improve in any way possible. Giving back starts from the heart of any business and we are proud to work alongside our community.


     Your Skin is the largest organic you have. Allow us to pamper and rejuvenate your skin on a daily basis and we will leave you to conquer the world.

Prevailing stands for widespread, to be in force, generally accepted.

Organic Stands for natural matter, without chemical or pesticides.

Essentials stand for a basic, indispensable or necessary element.


This is the company that you’re allowing to take care of you.

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