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             For centuries floral water has been a staple for skin and hair care. The healing properties in Rose water, Lavender water and Sandalwood water are as natural as it gets.


Rose Water has been used for years as a beauty product. Rose water helps to improve your complexion and reduce skin redness. Are you looking for a natural toner? Then Rose water can be use as a Toner.  Rose water also has antibacterial properties which help to reduce acne. Helps to reduce under eye/skin puffiness.  Rose water is a mild astringent which help with scalp issuses such as reduce oil, frizzy, dryiness in hair and dandruff.


Lavender Water helps with itchy scalps, prevent bacteria and fungi from growing when apply to hair scalp. Lavender water helps to reduce dandruff and infections for skin/hair. Lavender water improve skin texture and skin breakout. Lavender water can be use as a skin toner.


Sandalwood water has the affect of cooling down the body temperture. Sandalwood helps with sunburn, soften the skin and reduce pimples and acne. Hair care Sandalwood water refresh hair, help with frizziness and keep scalps from built up dandruff.



Floral Water 4 Oz

SKU: 00038
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