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Three different types of face mask to choose from. All ingredients are organic/natural from mother earth.


Glow mask- looking for that radiant glow, then look no  further. Each ingredients is well suited for sensitive skin. Which includes: Rhassoul clay, Amla powder, Neem power, White kaolin clay. 


Mature mask is for women over 40's that is looking for that ultra glow and ingredients that will be suited for sensitve/mature skin. Which includes: Bentonite clay, White kaolin clay, Pink clay, Rosemary extract.


Detoxify mask is a combination of all two mask in one. Our skin is the largest organ of the body. detoxifying the skin will give you a wonderful glow but also your skin will be deeply cleanse. Which includes: Bentonite and Eastern Moroccan clay, Neem and Seaweed powder.


Face mask

SKU: 0059
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